GIMKIT - Collaborative reading practice

Published on 9 June 2023 at 09:00

by Xiaowen Zou, Modern Language Centre, School of Languages, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Gimkit is a gamified quiz that also supports collaborative learning. Students can work together using KitCollab (A free feature) to create a quiz to practice reading comprehension. During this activity, the role of students is both examiners and examinees. This activity makes reading more interesting. Besides, the quiz report is provided for teachers to identify the areas that need extra attention. 

The aim of this activity is that the students will be able to create a reading quiz collaboratively and practice reading comprehension.


Activity length

20 minutes

Technology  used


Course area

Chinese language



Target skill(s)



Teachers: Computer; Projector; Gimkit account; Internet

Students: Laptop/smart phone/tablet; Internet


Step 1:

1. Teacher introduces the reading activity.

2. Teacher provides question examples.

3. Students are required to read a text and propose at least 3 multiple-choice questions on Gimkit.

Step 2:

1. Teacher logs into Gimkit and adds a new kit.


2. Teacher chooses Collaborate With KitCollab.

3. Teacher shares link and QR code with students.


4. Students open the link or scan the QR code.

Step 3:

1. Students read the text.


2. Students create questions and submit. 


3. Teacher reviews questions to approve or reject. 


4. Students modify questions. (If the question is rejected.)

Step 4:

1. Teacher clicks "All Done" to finalize the quiz. 

2. Teacher clicks "Play Live" and selects a mode to start the quiz. 

3. Teacher shares the link and code with students.

4. Students open the link to join the quiz. 

Step 5:

1. Teacher starts the game.


2. Students play the game. (Screenshot shows the student interface.)


3. Students need to answer as many questions as they can in 5 minutes (Classic mode).

Step 6:

1. The game is over.

2. Teacher and students check the leaderboard.

3. Teacher checks the Question Breakdown report to provide help for the questions with lower accuracy. 

Caveats and alternatives

  • If the students provide a limited number of questions, the teacher can prepare some questions in advance and add them to enrich the question bank.
  • The KitCollab also allows students to contribute questions asynchronously. Therefore, teachers can use KitCollab to assign a pre-reading exercise to ask students to read the text and create questions before the class. Then, teachers can start the live game in class to examine the reading comprehension.

Additional information

Read more about KitCollab in this introduction blog.



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