Treasure Hunt - a PPT powered review actvitiy

Published on 9 June 2023 at 09:00

by Yu Liu & Shuhao Zhang, English Language Centre, School of Languages, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Treasure Hunt is a PPT-assisted game that consists of 16 questions with the aim of helping students review what they have learnt or checking if students understand what they should do for an assignment/assessment.

The activity aims to review lesson content in a fun and gamified way and check students’ understanding of what they should do to prepare for an upcoming assessment/assignment.


Activity length

20-30 minutes

Technology  used


Course area




Target skill(s)



The teacher designs 16 review questions and puts them into the Treasure Hunt PPT. (This PPT can be downloaded at the bottom.)


Step 1:

The teacher introduces the aims and rules of this activity.

Step 2:

The teacher divides the class into 2 teams. There are two “XJTLU Birds” on slide 2. Teacher first assigns one “XJTLU Bird” to each team. For example, Team 1 gets “Bird 1”, and Team 2 gets “Bird 2”.

Step 3:

The teacher invites students from the 2 teams to open different boxes on PPT. Each box contains a question and is worth 1 or 2 points. If students answer the question correctly, they can get the corresponding point. To show students the correct answers, the teacher clicks the space in the answer box on the bottom right-hand corner of the PPT. The teacher clicks “X” on the PPT to go back.

Step 4:

There are two ways to record scores. If Team 1 gets 1 point, the teacher clicks on “Bird 1” on slide 2 once, and the animation will show an increase in the score bar. If Team 1 gets 2 points, the teacher double clicks on “Bird 1”. The teacher should do the same for Team 2. The team which fills the score bar first wins. Alternatively, the teacher can write scores on the whiteboard instead.

Step 5:

The teacher calculates the total scores of both teams and announces the winner of the game.

    PPT download

    Treasure Hunt PPT
    PowerPoint – 1.3 MB


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