Use Slido to Practice Listening

Published on 9 June 2023 at 09:00

by Ashlee Tai, English Language Centre, School of Languages, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

This activity aims to engage students in practising exam questions for listening in a fun and interactive way by making activities live in PowerPoint using Slido.


Students will be able to:

  • become familiar with exam question types;
  • practice and apply listening skills;
  • check their understanding of the listening by answering live questions on PowerPoint.


Activity length

20 minutes

Technology  used


Course area


listening skill courses



Target skill(s)

EAP listening & test-taking skills


Step 1:

Register for an account on ‘Slido’ by clicking “Sign Up” here.

Step 2:

Download and install ‘Slido’ here, which will show in the PPT menu once completed.

(Note: Slido integration works on Windows 10 21H1 version and later and also with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 version and later. Read more about how to use Slido for PowerPoint here. )

Step 3:

Create the listening questions directly in a PowerPoint (e.g. ‘multiple choice’). First, open your PPT. Click “Slido.”

3.1 Click “Go to Login.”

3.2 Log into “Slido.”

3.3 Click “Create session.”

3.4 Choose “Multiple choice.”

3.5 Copy the question and the options from the slide to the right.

3.6 Select the correct answer among the options.

3.7 Click “Add to presentation.”

3.8 A new slide (#Slide 2) is created (see the left). Click “Present with Slido.”

3.9 A QR code for this activity is generated by Slido.


Step 1:

Remind students to take notes before listening.

Step 2:

Play the prepared recording (e.g. 5 to 10 minutes long).

Step 3:

After listening, show students the QR code in the PowerPoint and direct them to scan it with their mobile phones to take part in the activity. Students can sign in by typing their names or anonymously. The screenshots below are the view from the students' end.

Step 4

Reveal the answers on the PowerPoint when students finish.

Caveats and alternatives

  • Teachers can create questions using “Quiz” (setting a timer and leader-board) to make the activity fun and competitive.
  • Teachers can download the results of the activities for further analysis.

Example 1: “Multiple Choice”

Example 2: “Quiz”

  • Teachers may apply this method for reading tests.

Additional information:

  • Teachers may consider using other functions in ‘Slido’ such as ‘open text’ (for a warm-up activity or writing practice) or ‘word cloud’ (for reviewing vocabulary).
  • Teachers may encourage students to ask questions during classroom instruction to assist students’ learning. Enable “Audience Q&A” and instruct students to click “Audience Q&A” on their mobile phones, type their questions and press “send”.


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